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Guangzhou West New Materials Co., Ltd.  all rights reserved       粤ICP备18102404号         POWERED BY:300.CN
Add:A10, 5th Floor, No.6, Renmin North Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
E-mail:gz_west@163.com    info@west-heating.com

The company operates high quality electrothermal alloy materials
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The company operates high quality electrothermal alloy materials

Guangzhou West New Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of high-end electric heating materials and electric heating components and a high-quality service provider of electric heating solutions. The company operates high-quality electrothermal alloy materials and supplies high-quality electric heating components as its core products. It has a strong electric professional background as a support to provide high-quality electric heating solutions, and can provide integrated products according to customer requirements.
Based on China, look to the world and develop a win-win situation!
Guangzhou West is your long-term trusted partner!